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Casey Ferrand, the award-winning journalist, published author, host, and feature film actress, encompasses what it means to be self-made. Casey has more than 20 years of professional experience working as a child actor, starring in commercials, and starting her career as a broadcast journalist in Louisiana. The budding actress went on to graduate from Faith Christian Academy and attended the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), where she concentrated on musical theater. Casey graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX in 2007 and earned two Bachelor's degrees, one in Journalism and the other in Psychology.


As a journalist, Casey has had the opportunity to cover important news stories early on as a newsroom intern following Hurricane Katrina. Her breaking news reporting surrounding a tornado that hit New Orleans East in 2017 won a national Edwin R. Morrow award. Her career is highlighted with exciting news coverage that includes being embedded with Louisiana educators at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, SC., scaling down a wall during firefighter training, voluntarily being tasered while covering police training, covering President Barack Obama's visit to Baton Rouge, La., the Lafayette Theater shooting and protests following the shooting death of Alton Sterling by police. Throughout her 14-plus years in television news, Casey's performance has been recognized by newsroom leaders and earned her many awards.

While rounding out her successful Journalism career, Casey began to focus on being true to herself. In 2017, Casey stopped getting her hair chemically straightened and boldly decided to wear her short-cropped curly hair on the news in New Orleans. The first time she did it was because she'd cut her so short that she could no longer straighten it without the help of a hairstylist. Ever since she's chosen to wear her hair in natural styles that allow her curls to be a source of admiration and inspiration to women and young girls who have seen her on the news. Thus, Curly Girl: My Curls Are Mine to Love was born. Casey used her experience as a curly girl to inspire young girls and other ladies to embrace their own natural beauty and curly hair. Drawing on her years of newsroom experience she garnered national media attention about her award-winning children’s book and book tour.

After years of working in media and helping people and businesses get their stories on the news, she was inspired to start her own media company CFM Media to help businesses and non-profits build their brand and visibility through compelling storytelling. As the Owner of CFM Media, Casey provides media coaching, public relations, and social media content creation services to CEOs, Founders, Executives, Public Officials, Business Owners, and organizations. She specializes in a special style of writing and storytelling that enhances the profile of leaders, helping them gain media attention that shines a spotlight on their work and experience.


As Casey began to occupy new spaces professionally, in 2018, she returned to her love of acting and can be seen in movies like Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon staring Kate Hudson, Zac Efron & Craig Robinson; National Champion, starring Stephan James, J.K. Simmons, and Uzo Aduba; and Don't Look Back. She has also had roles in NCIS New Orleans, CLAWS, #FreeRayshawn, Leverage Redemption, and Paradise Lost. Her comfort in front of the camera has made her a strong spokesperson for companies, non-profits and organizations. She is articulate and highly talented, able to think on her feet, and communicates with a friendly and conversational demeanor from her more than two decades of experience on stage and in front of the camera.


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