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Ferrand McGee


Casey Ferrand McGee has a television and media career spanning more than 20 years, from her years as a child actress in New Orleans to her career as a nationally award-winning journalist. As the Owner of CFM Media, Casey provides media coaching, public relations and content creation services to CEO's, Founders, Executives, Public Officials, Business Owners and organizations. She specializes in a special style of writing and storytelling that enhances the profile of leaders helping them gain media attention that shines a spotlight on their work and experience. She is also the author of the award-winning children's book Curly Girl: My Curls Are Mine to Love, which encourages young ladies to love and celebrate their curly hair.


When the pandemic hit, we experienced a complete halt to how we did business. Stuck and confused, we immediately looked to shift operations for our business. We were faced with a number of questions, including where and how to get started. 


We stumbled upon a promo video on Casey’s page and knew we had to call on a trusted and proven media professional. Casey and her company delivered for us in no time. In addition to her professionalism, she was prompt in delivering our promo video in a day even sending photos & b-roll about two hours after the shoot! She’s simply amazing and if you’re looking for a company to help boost your business, increasing sales you have to make the call too.

April Griffith, Co-Owner Tanjariné Kitchen



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The Leverage YOU Academy Master Class will take you through my 5-Phase media training to give you a clear roadmap to Discover Your Special Sauce, Understand the Power of a Mission Statement, Realize You Are The Expert, Master the Media Pitch, and Prepare You For Interviews.

I want to show you how you can write a quality book in no time! I've boiled down my experience of becoming a published author to a simple, step by step training.

Leverage The Media 101 will give you my BEST tips and tools to help you get YOU, your business, brand or non-profit noticed by the media. This Course includes all the tools, systems and strategies you need to Create A Media Worthy Event, Craft the Perfect Pitch & Deliver Media Savvy Interviews

Leverage YOU 2 Coach helps seasoned professionals by giving you a clear roadmap to harness your years of knowledge and expertise to create your own coaching program by

Helping you realize You Are The Expert,

Giving tips to Name Your Price & Preparing you to Attract Your Ideal Clients.

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