Casey Ferrand has a television and media career spanning more than 20 years, from being child actress in New Orleans to a career as a nationally award-winning journalist.

As the CEO of CFM Media LLC, Casey is using her experience as a communications professional to help business leverage the media to grow visibility.

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Baylee absolutely loves her big curly poofs and never once thought they looked like “crunchy popcorn balls” as her schoolmates suggested. After the first day of school, to her mom’s surprise, Baylee wanted to change her hair. That was until she saw something on television that made her love her curls like never before!



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Have you ever wondered how can I be seen as an expert in my field? How do I get potential clients notice me? How can I get my business or brand spotlighted on the news, in an article or magazine? How can I grow my social media audience organically without seeming fake? Have you ever thought there has to be a better way other than offering free services or products to influencers?

Then all of sudden these questions bombard you….

When will it be my turn? Is this all there is for more? Am I really enough? Is this as good as it gets? Can I impact and influence the masses? Can I really make a difference? WHERE DO I EVEN START?

If this is where you are in life, you are not alone. In fact, I was once right there in your shoes. Trying to leave an unfulfilling career and grow my own business to have complete ownership of my time. If this sounds familiar, it means you have made it the place in life where you’re tired of settling, tired of showing up for everyone but yourself and tired of feeling like you are not living up to your full potential. It’s time to LISTEN TO THAT VOICE INSIDE and start doing all the things you put off for so long.

I truly believe that every woman has an INNER DESIRE begging to be free. This DESIRE is what leads many women we look up to, to become the woman they were destined to be. They have taken their life experiences, good and bad, to LEVERAGE them into their own GREATNESS.

I know all too well the mindset of a woman who wanted more but just didn’t know what that more was or how to get to it. But one thing I knew was I wanted MORE! I wanted to be free to follow my heart SO I....

  • Left a full-time job as a television reporter after 10 years in the business…

  • Started doing freelance work…

  • Was making maybe half the $55,000 salary I once earned…

  • Lived off my parents (gratefully) for housing, cell phone service and other basic necessities...

  • Started searching for real jobs to make ends meet…

  • Got interviews, but no one hired me…

  • Kept going back and forth to a job I didn’t really want to do anymore


I’m not getting where I want in life professionally, emotionally or financially because I’m doing the same old things expecting different results. I left a career because I said I wanted more, but I wasn’t getting more out of life because I was not putting in the work to get there.  My point of sharing this information and my personal journey is to show you that to get the more you want out of life, you have to do more, be more and work more for you. It’s time to dig down deep and take all that energy you’re using to spin your wheels and put it toward creating the life you DESERVE and DESIRE. But it takes getting real with you and taking on the challenge of discovering the REAL YOU.  

Now that I’ve done the work on myself, worked with multiple business and mindset coaches to build my own business, I’m focused on helping women LEVERAGE themselves, their own life experience and expertise into growing their own business or brand. The one thing I have found is many aren’t even on a pathway to their purpose.

I want to see you WIN, live in your PURPOSE and live out those INNER DESIRES. That is why I everyday I work to help people own their personal stories and use it to LEVERAGE them into success. I want to deliver the roadmap to pulling the most out of yourself and lead you on your journey to greatness.

I’m not only here to encourage you, but to give you a clear pathway to that life you desire. I know for me that is what I needed…a PATHWAY with some instructions. That was the KEY.

If you can identify where you want to be in life and tap into your inner DESIRE, you can live a fulfilled life, have loving relationships and a profitable business.

THE SECRET INGREDIENT is first identifying what PHASE you are in.




  1. The DISCOVERY PHASE means getting your life together. In this phase you have to change your mindset, your habits, your surroundings, your energy, your behavior, your attitude, but also how you show up LEVERAGE YOUR LIFE. This is the time to recall your vision and reclaim your life to be what and who you to be. To RECLAIM your life, you must first REDEFINE your image of yourself.

  2. THE DEVELOPMENT PHASE is when you start working toward making that vision and desire reality. You have a desire to start monetizing that vision, start a business, build an empire and set the stage for yours and your family’s future. You’re still working a job you desperately want to leave, while working your business on the side. You want to start owning your time and financing your own life. You really want to use your life experience to make a difference and help people by being an entrepreneur, speaker, author or coach or mentor. But you don’t know where to start.

  3. The FOUNDATION has to be laid in order for you to build and then GROW. You’re already operating a well-functioning business but in the GROWTH PHASE you want to operate at a higher level of excellence, achievement and influence. You want to DOMINATE in your field of experience with no concern about the competition because—WHAT COMPETITION?? You want to get to a point where you have more FREEDOM and your business feels like fun and not work because remember you left work to build develop your dream.


No matter what PHASE you’re in RIGHT NOW, you do not have to do it alone. Let’s work together to discover you and your inner desires. Let’s LEVERAGE YOU, your life experience, expertise and talents to write the next chapter of your story. I want to give you the foundation and structure needed to have the LIFE and/or BUSINESS you deserve and desire.



From The Clients


When the pandemic hit, we experienced a complete halt to how we did business. Stuck and confused, we immediately looked to shift operations for our business. We were faced with a number of questions, including where and how to get started. 

We stumbled upon a promo video on Casey’s page and knew we had to call on a trusted and proven media professional. Casey and her company delivered for us in no time. In addition to her professionalism, she was prompt in delivering our promo video in a day even sending photos & b-roll about two hours after the shoot! She’s simply amazing and if you’re looking for a company to help boost your business, increasing sales you have to make the call too.

April Griffith, Co-Owner Tanjariné Kitchen




New Orleans, LA, USA

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