Family Vacations Just Got Much More FUN

Here’s the thing about life... it's fun yet boring if you're not living it to the fullest, it's full of adventure but not if you're always seeking the next big adventure, it's fast but not if you live in every moment, it's unexpected but sometimes the unexpected brings the greatest memories or lessons, its happening... HERE and NOW!

These are lessons I've learned over the years and I'm still learning to fully embrace today. It's part of the reason why I love to travel and experience the world around me.

Family vacations have become a huge part of my yearly planning. For the past few years, I've planned the yearly family vacation, and this year I was more than willing to hand the planning over to my fiancé Birk. He actually started planning a trip for us well before we got engaged, and when I mentioned my family tries to take a summer vacation every years he was more than happy to invite them all along!

We booked a trip to Punta Cana to stay at the Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar all-inclusive resort. It was a beautiful resort connected to about eight other resorts on their property, so there was an overflow of activities to enjoy. We took it all in! From playing mini golf on the family resort, beach volleyball and even a quiet night of couples spades in the hotel lobby. We met strangers at the pool bar and danced to live music in the village. We ate more food than we could handle, absolutely loved the dining at the Japanese and Peruvian fusion restaurant, and indulged on room service cheeseburgers every night because they were just that good.

We booked a Boogie Adventure excursion that took us riding down bumpy village roads and past local children waving and offering gifts along the way. We climbed down into a cenote, took pictures on the beautiful ranch, drank Mamajuana and watched the Tainos perform. A second excursion took us on a boat ride to swim in a the largest natural pool in the world and to the beautiful Saona Island for a day of relaxation in the sun.

I was able to capture all of the excitement in this video!! Take a look:

I can't wait until our next big family adventure. Our last few trips have been to beach destinations, so I think I'll change it up for the next one. Maybe we'll go mountain climbing in Tanzania or swimming in a hot spring in Greenland. Please offer suggestions and I'd love to hear more about your favorite vacation destinations! PLEASE SHARE!

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