To Valentine’s or Not To... Plus the Story of Us!

My fiancé and I took a break from preparing for our engagement shoot to start a discussion about Valentine’s Day. It’s our first one together, and we’d never really talked about it or thought much about it. With so many other important days approaching, V-day seemed so minuscule in my mind.

We also have a big vacation planned next week, so we’re more eager to get to the Dominican Republic and relax that we are to sit at another dim restaurant and eat another fancy meal.

I guess I’ve never been big on celebrating Valentine‘s Day. It seems like just another day when you’re always creating special moments with the one you love.

If you want to hear our take on Valentine’s Day and much more about the night we met, the night we got engaged and how we knew we’d found the one, take a listen to this lively video to get all the details!!


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