Last but certainly not least. The dress that made me say "YES"

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

A few weeks ago I posted on my Instagram page about beginning the search for my wedding dress and asked my married or engaged followers how they knew they'd found the right dress for their I Do's. Many of them said pretty much the same thing-- you'll know.

@jamousdafamous said, "I knew when I tried on the same dress in different stores."

@facebytrace gave me this advice. "You won't have to question it or seek anyone's opinion. When you try it on, you'll feel like a royal princess.... beautiful and supreme! Even without hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes, or a veil! That's when you'll know!

@caramelscoop shared this story. "I remember putting my dress on without any mirrors near. I walked over to the mirror at @gwensbridalboutique and I felt this amazing feeling like I had never experienced. Ms. Gwen screamed "that's it!", my best friend went completely speechless, and I was filled with unexplainable emotions."

While in Atlanta for work last week, I had some down time and my mother was with me, so I decided to book a last minute appointment to visit Winnie Couture at the suggestion of my best friend, made of honor and professional wedding planner Fresh Johnson. I didn't go with any expectation of finding a dress much less buying one that day, but when I walked in I felt something special about the place. Mom and I had the whole store to ourselves for practically two hours. We picked out about seven dresses in styles I thought I'd like.

After a few tries, we got down to the last two gowns. I tried one on and felt so beautiful. It was an elegant lace gown that fit me perfectly and made me feel better after the prior dresses that failed to meet my desires. I thought I was ready to say yes to this dress, but we pressed on and tried on the last one hanging in the dressing room. It was everything I said I didn't want in a wedding dress, but I picked it anyway because I thought, "What the heck, I might as well try it."

On the fence between this dress, which was totally out of my comfort zone, and the one prior, I called Fresh on Facetime to get her thoughts. She literally had to pull her car over to take it all in and give me her honest assessment, which was, "That's the one!" I tried on the other one for her too just to give her an idea of what I was pondering. She was insistent on me sticking with the dress I never thought I'd want. Then we put on a veil and hairpiece..... and here come the waterworks. Mom and I both stood there crying. The dress spoke to me and said, " THIS IS IT!"

I want to say a special thanks to Erica at Winnie Couture for being so patient, kind and comforting through the whole process. I'm happy to say I'ma #WinnieBride. After the wedding, I promise I'll share the video of the moment I cried!

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