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Sweatin' for the Weddin'

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Late last year, I decided to get a head start on my health and fitness goals to prevent myself from going overboard with heavy eating and over-indulging over the holidays. I jump started my healthy eating with the help of Healthy Course Meals. Their portion controlled meals are tasty, affordable, keep me satisfied and prevent me from over eating. I also got back in the gym more regularly with my trainer Jerren Pierce (@who_me_JP) at Equip Fitness. This was me after about two weeks of eating better and working with JP.

workout at Equip Fitness Gym in New Orleans
Pre-Workout on November 20, 2018

When @who_me_jp asked me at the beginning of this year what are my goals for the upcoming year, I simply said, “I just want my arms to look good in this wedding dress!” When he said I’m gonna be sweating for the wedding, he meant it! And when he uttered something about metabolic conditioning in the midst of me struggling to breathe during one of his workouts, I knew it was about to be a brutal one.

Stay tuned, wedding body coming soon!

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