I was working on Magazine Street shooting some interview for a project I'm working on with my production team and I ran into a gentleman named Zo Diop who owns a custom accessory line called Zocentric. After our interview, we struck up a conversation that reaffirmed why I started revamping my career goals and creating my own lane! Feeling Freedom!!

That word “freedom” has so many different meanings because it can look completely different for every one. One person may say freedom is being able to wake up early and go for a run or workout before tackling the days tasks. It could also be being your own boss and not having to answer to someone else.

For me, freedom has meant being able to explore all of my talents, gifts and passions on my own terms and not being bound by a job or contract. It’s meant being able to say no to some job offers without feeling torn and saying yes to the things that I really want to do! It’s meant choosing my personal happiness over a salary from a career that left me feeling unfulfilled. It's meant being able to travel abroad and take time away from work without having to ask for permission. It's meant prioritizing things, activities and people in my life in their order of their importance to me. It's meant taking charge of my journey and not being who others expect me to be and really being my authentic self and doing the things that truly bring me joy. It's meant being able keep my passion of storytelling and journalism by exploring new ways of doing it. It's meant fully loving myself and allowing myself to fully and freely love someone else without questions, doubts or conerns! It's meant giving myself permission to live my live authentically and less stressfully.

I challenge you to all to do the same. Find ways to live free. It means identifying what freedom looks like to you. Visualize it, see it, believe it and then you'll soon find yourself living in that freedom that you so desire. What does freedom mean to you?

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